I'm the man who began once again
Reborn in the country, heading west
Everything's not lost just out of sight
Between the devil and the detail down the line

Dead reckoning brought me to your place
I couldn't help but notice how you've changed
No fight but you're laying all the blame
Just a technical bitch, they're all the rage

Oh, do you like this?

Don't give
They'll begin to see it your way
It's archaeology in reverse
Just a personal reboot, unrehearsed

Hold the lines as the four winds blow
There's a war to be waged don't you know?
Shape-shifting down here in the dust
Got the grit tin blues, it's shit or bust
But go we must

You like this

Gonna get me some good stuff, hey
Not gonna see here again
Gonna get me a piece of ass
Gonna buy me some whiskey and grass
Gonna take it through to the next
I'm gonna show you all just who's best

Gonna take it, oh, hey!
What ya got?
Gonna take it
Hey what ya got?
Gonna take it

Copyright 2015 Jason Allen. All Rights Reserved.