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Chances R reunion, Firebird Studios, Bristol [Left to right: Roy, Paul, Jason, John - Nov 2005]

On Monday 14th November 2005 the 'classic' Chances R line-up of Jason Allen, Paul Jolliffe, John Bidder and Roy Harrill convened in a small practice room at Firebird Studios in Bristol for an uprecedented rehearsal. Precisely 10 years, 10 months and 9 days had passed since all four musicians had been in the same room - the farewell gig at Bristol Fleece & Firkin on January 5th 1995.

  Songs Played

• One And The Same
• This Time Tomorrow
• Nowheresville
• The Last Mistake
• Hurt You The First Time
• Kingpit
• Got The People
• King Of July
• Here Today
• Desolate Moon
• Built On A Landslide
• Stomp!
• One Temptation
• Radar
• Words Unspoken
• The Web You Weave
In the dim distance, a small light flickered on the dashboard of a long-since-used machine! John had been in email contact since April 2004 upon discovering this very website. His job brought him back to the West Country for a week in November 2005, which prompted the out-of-the-blue reunion. Following a series of emails, phone calls and text messages, a last-minute rehearsal room was booked and the band were back from the dead!

Using instruments that had been largely borrowed, hired and blagged, Chances R eagerly tore through a substantial chunk of their set over the course of a loud and sweaty 3-hour session. Understandably, after a decade of inactivity, the band were at times a little ropey, but all four members had an enjoyably nostalgic evening and expressed an interest in repeating the exercise whenever time allows.

Both Roy and Jason played guitar - the band tackled a few of the later 5-piece era songs without keyboards. Part of the session was recorded on Minidisc, though the sound quality of the recording was generally poor. Of the 16 songs attempted, Kingpit, One And The Same, Radar, Built On A Landslide and Hurt You The First Time seemed to shine the most.

Roy Harrill, Firebird Studios, Bristol [Nov 2005]               John Bidder, Firebird Studios, Bristol [Nov 2005]               Paul Jolliffe, Firebird Studios, Bristol [Nov 2005]

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Chances R reunion, Firebird Studios, Bristol [Left to right: Roy, Paul, John, Jason (seated) - Nov 2005]

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