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Singer, Songwriter, Musician, Drummer, Studio Chap
Jason Allen
An Outlaw Like Me
Lately, I've been co-writing a lot of commercially-minded tracks for The Stories. Upon returning to my own music, I decided to head in a different direction.

This is the first track to be published from a new project that's slowly taking shape.

Instruments & Vocals: Jason Allen
Composer: Jason Allen

The Stories
Never Walk Away
For the second 'single' from the forthcoming album by The Stories, I decided to try my hand at animation.

Just over 80 hours later, I emerged with this digitally hand-drawn video.

Vocals: Teri Souter
Guitar, Vocals, Bass, Drums: Jason Allen
Guitar: David Griffin
Composers: Teri Souter, Jason Allen & David Griffin

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Down To The Lake
Twanging a Telecaster at the waterside, Whelford, April 2018. Photo by Nik Sheppard.
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Stand By Me
With David Griffin and Teri Souter (The Stories), April 2018. Photo by Nik Sheppard.
Jason Allen
Only Stars
A self-made video for Only Stars, filmed in Somerset, England.

This song is taken from the album Roads From Ruin.

Instruments & Vocals: Jason Allen
Composer: Jason Allen
Camera & Edit: Jason Allen

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Country Cliché Club
Screen capture from the Never Walk Away video by The Stories, March 2018. Artwork by Jason Allen.
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Full Moon Fever
Screen capture from the Never Walk Away video by The Stories, March 2018. Artwork by Jason Allen.
The Stories
What If?
Here's the debut track from The Stories, a band in which I sing and play guitar alongside Teri Souter and David Griffin.

Recorded January - February 2018. Produced and mixed by Jason Allen.

Vocals: Teri Souter
Guitar, Vocals, Bass, Drums: Jason Allen
Guitar: David Griffin
Composers: Teri Souter, Jason Allen & David Griffin

During the first six months of 2017, Lady Inspiration found me with time on my hands. I wrote a batch of 30 new musical ideas, along with reams of lyrics.

I picked a dozen of these new songs and spent the summer months recording, arranging and mixing. Working in daylight made a welcome change.

My previous effort (Fieldwork, 2015) was made using only acoustic guitars. This time around I decided to concentrate on electric guitars.

Completed in October 2017, the resultant album is called Roads From Ruin.

Jason Allen:
Vocals, harmony vocals, electric guitar, acoustic guitar, slide guitar,
bass guitar, drums, cajon, percussion, ebow, lap steel, keyboards,
programming, harmonica, lyrics.

All songs written, performed, produced and mixed by Jason Allen.
Written January to June 2017. Recorded July to October 2017.

Thank you to friends and family near and far. We will always be young.

Jason Allen
Ghost On My Trail
This is the opening track from my new album Roads From Ruin.

It was written in April 2017 and recorded during the summer of 2017. The video was made in October 2017.

Instruments & Vocals: Jason Allen
Composer: Jason Allen
Camera & Edit: Jason Allen

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Within These Walls
Acoustic version of The Medicine Show at The Ormond, Tetbury, June 2017. Photo by Nicola Williams.
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Stand & Deliver
Filming the video for Ghost On My Trail, October 2017.
Jason Allen
Fieldwork Trailer
I recently re-discovered this previously unpublished 'trailer' for my Fieldwork album.

The video contains excerpts from every track on the album. Better late than never...

Instruments & Vocals: Jason Allen
Composer: Jason Allen
Camera & Edit: Jason Allen

Jason Allen - Shattered Cross
This song was written by Big Country mainman Stuart Adamson in the latter part of his life (with help from Jerry Boonstra).

It featured on an album called Supernatural, credited to his Nashville-based band The Raphaels (which also featured Marcus Hummon).

Shattered Cross escaped my attention until mid-December 2016, when it was suggested by a fellow Big Country fan that I should make a version of it.

So I figured out how to play it, then recorded a plethora of live drums and percussion, over which I layered a barrage of electric and acoustic guitars.

The lead vocal emerged at 3am on a cold winter night. The resultant song has a Western feel, which is not my familiar territory.

The final mix was created and published on Boxing Day, 2016.
Jason Allen
Hey What Ya Got?
I taped a drum loop during a Medicine Show rehearsal. Within hours I'd built this rough and ready song around it.

I then set about making a video for the track. I managed to write and record the music and complete the video all in one week. Made in February 2015.

Vocals & Instruments: Jason Allen
Composer: Jason Allen
Camera & Edit: Jason Allen
Jason Allen - Fieldwork (2015)
I escaped to the country. It had been a long time coming. It felt like the town was blotting out my sense of creativity.

The rural lifestyle inspired my guitar playing. A new wave of musical ideas emerged, each captured as voice memos on my iPhone.

Using my laptop and a cheap classical guitar, I began to arrange, record and expand the ideas into songs, painting layers of music and texture on top. The words were either stream-of-consciousness improvisations and/or developed as I went along.

I recorded a lot of tracks during this 18-month process. It was a very relaxed gestation period. There are no electric guitars, only nylon-stringed acoustics. I played every instrument, sung every note, did it all by myself.

Eleven of the songs from this time span make up Fieldwork. The ones that got away will live to see the light of another day.
To download the album free of charge, and for lyrics and further information, visit the Fieldwork website.
Jason Allen
My take on Inwards by Big Country, with a vaguely mid-period Snow Patrol production, self-recorded at home, December 2016.

The video is an array of layered mosaic clips, rather than one of my usual 'walking in a field looking forlorn' efforts.

Instruments & Vocals: Jason Allen
Composers: Big Country
Video Edit: Jason Allen
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Country Breeze
Finger picking in a windy barn, February 2017.
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Cash Cows
Queueing for cash, the Mojo Junction way, September 2016.
My Life In Music by Jason Allen
I started playing the drums when I was 11 years of age. It was the only form of musical expression I was comfortable with. Singing scared me witless. I was a shy kid, albeit a gobby one.

I joined a band with my school mates when I was 17. There I discovered the buzz of being 'telepathically' linked to a bunch of friends, all working together.

I felt the urge to write songs and words. I observed other musicians and picked up instruments; guitar, bass, keyboards, etc. The process of teaching myself to play and write had commenced.
I saved up for a cheap 4-track recorder, then I began to really express myself. I also started to sing, though very quietly at first.

I've been making music, writing songs, playing in bands, recording albums ever since. I believe it's what I'm here to do. The hours suit me fine, even if the pay doesn't always.

I'm no virtuoso. My self-taught techniques are largely unorthodox, but they serve me well. Importantly, I'm always learning, even after 30 years of practice.

Throughout this page you'll find more details about my musical journey. Thanks for visiting and listening. Peace and love to you.
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The Medicine Show
I play drums and sing backing vocals with The Medicine Show alongside Teri Souter (vocals), Roy Harrill (guitar & vocals), Bob Crow (guitar & vocals) and David Scull (bass & vocals).

Our first 'era' lasted from March 2012 until July 2015, after which we launched other bands including Mojo Junction and April Chains. We reformed The Medicine Show in March 2017.

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Mojo Junction
I was/am the lead singer and percussionist in Bath-based band Mojo Junction, with Roy Harrill (guitar & vocals), Bob Crow (guitar & vocals) and Gary Lake (bass & vocals).

We played our unique brand of unplugged covers at a series of acoustic gigs in Somerset and Wiltshire during 2016. The band is currently on an indefinite break.

Mojo Junction
Live Renditions
In April 2016, Mojo Junction relaunched as an acoustic quartet, in which I took on the lead singer and cajonist roles.

We spent 2016 strumming and bashing our instruments at gigs in the West Country.

To the right is an embedded playlist featuring live recordings of several songs from the Mojo Junction repertoire.

Jason Allen - Ghosting (2009)
I originally intended my fifth 'solo' CD to be an album called Keep The Peace, which I'd worked on during 2006 and early 2007. It proved to be a tough project to finish, so I shelved it and 'retired' from music.

Then my Brother died suddenly while I was in Slovenia, not long after the death of my beloved Nan. I sought solace in music once again, wrote a whole new batch of songs and slowly crafted what would become known as Ghosting.

I took a very lo-fi approach to the recording, often using some of the cheapest equipment I could muster. Looking back, I think I was attempting to return to the simple ways of old, similar in approach to my original 4-track recording days.

The final push was a marathon 8-week session at the end of 2008. My laptop died on the very last day of recording. Luckily I managed to salvage the files and complete the album.

A Barn Owl flew inches above my head just after I bagged the cover image at 10pm on a cold and wintery February night. My work, it seemed, was done.
You can download the album free of charge, read the lyrics and digest further information/trivia by visiting the Ghosting website.
Jason Allen & Roy Harrill
Running To Stand Still
In May 2013, on the eve of The Medicine Show's launch in Spain, we attempted a tune we'd never played before.

I knew the lyrics and arrangement, and Roy improvised using his newly-acquired lapsteel skills. We decided to set up a camera and film the resulting live jam.

Guitar & Vocals: Jason Allen
Dobro: Roy Harrill
Composer: U2
Camera & Edit: Jason Allen
Jason Allen - Roads From Ruin
Jason Allen - Fieldwork
Jason Allen - Ghosting
Jason Allen - On Wisdom Hill
Jason Allen - The Land Of The Living
Jason Allen - Fight Or Flight
Jason Allen - Upstream
Jason Allen - Maldek Sector 7G
Jason Allen - Adrift [Best of 2002-2007]
This collection of 15 songs was compiled and remastered in November 2016. It represents the best of a very prolific period in my musical history.

Following the death of Big Country mainman Stuart Adamson in December 2001, I began writing guitar-based songs once again. I'd spent the preceding three years making electronic-based music as Bluebottlegreen.

I wrote and recorded five albums in as many years, four of which were published. The fifth (Keep The Peace) was shelved after completion in 2007, though the song Gentle Folly originates from this 'lost' album.

In addition to the aforementioned Keep The Peace, this compilation includes tracks from Upstream, Fight Or Flight, The Land Of The Living and On Wisdom Hill.

All my albums are self-produced and self-recorded. I also play and sing everything.
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Chances R
I was the singer, guitarist and principal songwriter with Chances R during the first half of the 90s. Alongside me were Roy Harrill (guitar & vocals), Paul Jolliffe (bass), John Bidder (drums) and, eventually, Pete Jennings (keyboards).

We began as a Green Day-style power trio and ended up sounding like Marillion, via a brief spell where we turned into The Wonderstuff. The full story can be found on the website, along with songs, videos, information and photographs.

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After the demise of Chances R in 1994, I started drumming with The Chill, Crank, Guy Charles and other bands. I also continued writing a lot of guitar-based tunes which failed to make any impact. Eventually I opted to immerse myself in studio work.

Bluebottlegreen became a pseudonym for my electronic-based musical doodles. I made several albums of non-songs, some of which made it to Televisionland. Eventually I went back to making 'proper' music under my own name.

Chances R
Built On A Landslide
A video for the final Chances R studio track, with live footage shot at Bristol Mauretania. Created in December 2011.

Vocals & Guitar: Jason Allen
Guitar & Vocals: Roy Harrill
Bass: Paul Jolliffe
Drums: John Bidder
Keyboards: Pete Jennings

Composer: Chances R
Camera: Graham Jones
Lighting: John Turton-Smith
Remastered Edit (2011): Jason Allen
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A channel for my self-made music-related videos.
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