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The Medicine Show
The Medicine Show
Lead Vocals
Teri Souter (Photo by Laura Mediavilla) Teri Souter (Tbag) was signed in the spring of 2013 for a club-record fee from local rivals The Soundcage. She was immediately handed the number nine shirt and told to "Put it about, get among the goals".

Aside from being the star centre forward, Tbag also sucks and blows on the mouth organ, recorder, tambourine, and can also occasionally be seen playing acoustic guitar. Tbag is the most-appropriate person in the band to wear a shiny black catsuit.

Bass Guitar, Vocals
David Scull (Photo by Espectáculos D.C.) David Scull (Bendy) is the veteran. What Bendy doesn't know about bass has yet to be discovered. He has been playing some of The Medicine Show's songs since before the people who wrote them were born. Bendy also sings, often in full Castrato.

Many people have been dubbed 'The nicest man in rock 'n' roll'. Bendy is deservedly one of them. He is the band's co-founder and President, and he wears a magic hat which gives him super powers.

Guitar, Vocals
Bob Crow (Photo by Laura Mediavilla) Bob Crow (Spongebob) has been called the quiet one in the band. This has angered Spongebob, who has vowed to drive more Rolls Royce cars into swimming pools. Bob plays guitar and sings, adding his trademark Growler to the band's guitar sound.

At the debut gig in Ribatejada, a rare planetary alignment caused Spongebob to experience a Double Growler effect. This allowed the band to sound, at times, a bit like The Clash at Shea Stadium.

Guitar, Vocals
Roy Harrill (Photo by Susana Murias) Roy Harrill (Hank) is The Medicine Show's lead guitarist. Inspired by namesake Hank Marvin (The Shadows), his weapons of choice are self-built Harrill Stratocasters. Hank sometimes slides the lap steel guitar and often sings.

Hank deputised as the group's lead singer in the days before a lead singer could be found. In order to avoid malfunction, Hank needs to be stored at room temperature or above, in an upright position.

Drums, Vocals, Cajon, Technical Stuff
Jason Allen (Photo by Laura Mediavilla) Jason Allen (Juan Stiqué) is the The Medicine Show's tea-drinking basher of the drums. He can be heard singing harmonies from his drum stool. Juan also looks after the sound, visuals and technical boffinry.

Sometimes he plays the drum set with only one arm, as a tribute to the guy in Def Leppard, who co-leases the same surname. Juan is also the owner/operator of a solo career, where he plays guitar and sings as if he's being paid to do so.


The Medicine Show

The Medicine Show was originally founded in late 2011 by bassist David Scull and guitarist Bob Crow.
They soon added lead guitarist Roy Harrill, who in turn recruited drummer Jason Allen. Working as a four-piece band, they quickly built up a musical rapport and a fledgling set, with Roy handling lead vocal duties.

Following an 8-month spell in 2012 with vocalist Emily Oldham, during which time the group acquired The Medicine Show handle, the band found lead singer Teri Souter.

The five-piece then commenced revamping the set list in readiness for the debut performance at RibFest in Spain, which took place in May 2013.

Since that eventful night in Ribatejada, The Medicine Show have played numerous times in the West of England, building up a significant following. The repertoire has grown steadily, as has the sound of the group, with all five members contributing to the rich vocal sound.

The Medicine Show play cover versions of well-known songs, often adding their own original twist to the music. The set list spans many genres, and is drawn from seven decades of popular music.

Many of the band's appearances take place at private functions, but The Medicine Show can be seen and heard in West Country pubs every few months.

Check out the News & Gigs page for details of upcoming public shows.

The Medicine Show - Inter Medico F.C.

The Medicine Show

A light-hearted look at The Medicine Show's live launch in Ribatejada, Spain, as part
of RibFest 2013. Contains scenes that some viewers may find amusing. More videos here.
The Medicine Show
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