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See The World
Planet Earth made from pictures of Planet Earth.
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The Tarn
A boat sailing on puddle on a fallen standing stone.
Jason Allen & Paul Jolliffe
Train In Vain
My lifelong friend Paul came to stay for a few days, so we decided to learn one of Mick Jones' finest tunes, record it live and then cut a video in a single day.

The original song appears at the end of London Calling by The Clash. Created in May 2016.

Guitar & Vocals: Jason Allen
Ukulele: Paul Jolliffe
Composers: Joe Strummer, Mick Jones
Camera & Edit: Jason Allen
Jason Allen - Adrift [Best of 2002-2007]
"This collection of 15 songs was compiled and remastered in November 2016. It represents the best of a very prolific period in my musical history.

Following the death of Big Country mainman Stuart Adamson in December 2001, I began writing guitar-based songs once again. I'd spent the preceding three years making electronic-based music as Bluebottlegreen.

I wrote and recorded five albums in as many years, four of which were published. The fifth (Keep The Peace) was shelved after completion in 2007, though the song Gentle Folly originates from this 'lost' album.

In addition to the aforementioned Keep The Peace, this compilation includes tracks from Upstream, Fight Or Flight, The Land Of The Living and On Wisdom Hill.

All my albums are self-produced and self-recorded. I also play and sing everything."
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Horizon Web Series
Series 1
Horizon is a free-to-view, 10-part sci-fi web series set in Bristol. It was filmed in early 2014 and released in autumn 2015.

I play the character Sanders, a mysterious gun-toting ex-military medic.

You can watch the entire series here, including the additional interviews and trailers. I arrive in Episode 6.

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London Bound
Filming London Calling with Paul Jolliffe, August 2016.
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Working At The Mill
Mojo Junction live at Willsbridge Mill, September 2016.
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Innovation Unisex Hair & Beauty - Click to view this website
Innovation Unisex Hair & Beauty
The Innovation salon was fully refurbished in 2016. The website was completely redesigned to compliment the new look premises.
  Candice Bees Fine Art - Click to view this website
Candice Bees Fine Art
A website first built in August 2015 to display the wire sculptures by award-winning artist Candice Bees.
Jason Allen & Roy Harrill
Me & Julio Down By The Schoolyard (live acoustic)
We've been bashing out this Paul Simon tune at parties for 25 years, so we decided to make a video of it.

This was recorded and filmed live in August 2016.

Guitar & Vocals: Roy Harrill
Guitar & Vocals: Jason Allen
Composer: Paul Simon
Camera & Edit: Jason Allen
Jason Allen - Fieldwork (2015)
"I escaped to the country. It had been a long time coming. It felt like the town was blotting out my sense of creativity.

The rural lifestyle inspired my guitar playing. A new wave of musical ideas emerged, each captured as voice memos on my iPhone.

Using my laptop and a cheap classical guitar, I began to arrange, record and expand the ideas into songs, painting layers of music and texture on top. The words were either stream-of-consciousness improvisations and/or developed as I went along.

I recorded a lot of tracks during this 18-month process. It was a very relaxed gestation period. There are no electric guitars, only nylon-stringed acoustics. I played every instrument, sung every note, did it all by myself.

Eleven of the songs from this time span make up Fieldwork. The ones that got away will live to see the light of another day."
To download the album free of charge, and for lyrics and further information, visit the Fieldwork website.
Jason Allen at YouTube
A channel for my self-made music-related videos.
  Jason Allen at Instagram
I regularly post my latest photographs at Instagram.
  Jason Allen at Twitter
I've been tweeting mainly nonsense since June 2010.
  Jason Allen at Reverb Nation
Reverb Nation
Several of my solo albums can be heard in full here.